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Rolex Submariner ref.5512 Gilt Chapter Ring Exclamation Dot PCG from 1962

Rolex Submariner ref.5512 Gilt Chapter Ring Exclamation Dot PCG from 1962

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Originally launched in 1959, the Rolex Submariner reference 5512 is often regarded as the first modern design for the Submariner line. It introduced crown guards and featured a larger 39.5mm diameter, replacing the 38mm diameter of previous models. During its 15-year production period, the 5512 underwent a few aesthetic changes, especially after the release of the 5513 in 1962.

The key difference between the two models was the chronometer certification of the 5512, which eventually appeared on its dial and is the version famously worn by Steve McQueen.

The 5512 we currently have is undoubtedly from the early production phase, as its dial only displays two lines above six o'clock. Later models with the chronometer certification would have two additional lines. The pointed crown guards are another unmistakable feature of early production, also known as 2nd generation, as the initial models had square guards.

The exceptional example was purchased directly from the original owner son who agreed to sell the watch to found a trip to Mount Everest, getting back to the watch, the gilt dial allows you to appreciate other unique features of the early 5512, such as the "exclamation point" at six o'clock (derived from the small dot placed there) and the chapter ring for the minute track. All these characteristics point to a production year of 1962, which aligns with the engraving on the caseback.

Condition report: The dial is in amazing condition – extremely clean with a beautiful gloss finish and puffy lume. The bezel has aged gracefully, turning to a desirable light ghost finish while still conserving the original lume pearl. However, the handset was replaced in the early 90s at the Rolex service center, so the color is slightly clearer. The case is still thick, most likely polished once or twice during the watch's lifetime.

Brand: Rolex
Model: Submariner
Reference: 5512
Year of Manufacture: 1962
Serial: 819,xxx
Dimensions: 39.5mm
Crystal Material: Plexiglass Tophat
Luminescent Material: Tritium +0.25 millicurries
Machinery Type: Automatic
Bracelet: Camille Fournet custom mate alligator
Box/Papers: N/A
Mechanical operation guarantee: 6 months

Comments: Watch working great and keeping time, Hands where replaced in the early 90s by the owner in a RCS. Condition as found, service recommended for daily use.

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