Safe purchase

Why buy from Relojes de Lujo México®?

  1. Flexible payment methods

Contact us to inquire about our flexible payment options. We accept cash payments up to the limit of 3,210 UMA* or $308,866.20 MXN. Payments can be completed using various convenient methods, including PayPal®, Mercadopago®, Chrono24® Escrow Service, and Interbank Transfers in both Mexican Pesos and US Dollars. (For watches priced over $100,000.00 MXN, PayPal® and Mercadopago® cannot be used.)

  1. Flexible prices on select products

Contact us to inquire about possible discounts on a wide selection of watches available for sale.

  1. Warranty for malfunctions and inaccuracies in the description for up to 6 months

The watches we offer have been carefully inspected and, if necessary, serviced both mechanically and aesthetically. Any undisclosed details about the watch will be covered under our return warranty. The watches we offer are guaranteed to be completely authentic and in perfect mechanical condition, unless stated otherwise in the product description and/or contents of the delivery. This warranty covers any mechanical defects in the watch, excluding malfunctions and deterioration resulting from accidents and negligence. Relojes de Lujo México® takes responsibility for providing the necessary tools for watch inspection and/or after-sales service within this 6-month period from the date of purchase.

  1. Total responsibility for all our merchandise shipments

Relojes de Lujo México® takes responsibility for theft, loss, and misplacement of merchandise during delivery to our customers, based on the value of the transaction, as long as we can verify this information with the logistics service providers and customs service providers. The peace of mind of our customers is of utmost importance to us.

  1. Over 800 watches sold, 6 years of experience in the market with Relojes Vintage México

Relojes de Lujo México® was born due to the high demand for a specialized service provider in the market for pre-owned and used high-end watches. Thanks to our infrastructure at Relojes Vintage México®, which has been formally operating since 2018, in March 2022, we finally decided to embark on this new venture with over 8 years of experience in the collectible watch market and hundreds of watches sold under our expertise.

  1. Own inventory, not intermediaries, we only sell our merchandise in stock

Currently, in the market for pre-owned and used luxury watches, there are many intermediaries and resellers involved in completing a purchase. Dealing with them often results in an increase in the price of the merchandise due to their services, and unfortunately, it generates dissatisfaction and frustration for end customers as the merchandise is not adequately inspected by the seller who is providing their services informally, leading to a triangulation of information.

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