Authenticity Guarantee

Authenticity Guarantee and Warranty for Malfunctions and Inaccuracies for up to 6 months.

All watches advertised on Relojes de Lujo México® come with a lifetime Authenticity Guarantee. Relojes de Lujo México® takes responsibility for all watches sold through our platform to ensure their authenticity exclusively for customers who have purchased these pieces directly from Relojes de Lujo México®.

The watches we offer have been carefully inspected and, if necessary, serviced both mechanically and aesthetically. Any undisclosed details about the watch will be covered under our return warranty. The watches we offer are guaranteed to be completely authentic and in perfect mechanical condition, unless stated otherwise in the product description and/or contents of the delivery. This warranty covers any mechanical defects in the watch, excluding malfunctions and deterioration resulting from accidents and negligence. Relojes de Lujo México® is responsible for providing the necessary tools for watch inspection and/or after-sales service within this 6-month period from the date of purchase.

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