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Rolex King Midas 18k ref.3580 2nd series from 1975

Rolex King Midas 18k ref.3580 2nd series from 1975

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This text describes the Rolex King Midas, a limited edition watch designed by Gerald Genta in 1962. The watch was designed to resemble the Greek Pantheon, with an asymmetric design that simulates the columns of the temple. The crown of the watch was placed on the left side to represent King Midas, who turned everything he touched with his left hand into gold according to Greek mythology. The watch is made of almost 200 grams of solid gold and was priced one third more than a Day-date when it was launched.

The original King Midas watch is referenced as 9630, and fewer than 800 total of this reference were actually produced between 1962 and 1972, with 144 in 18K white gold and the rest in 18K yellow gold. It is estimated that there were around 500 examples of ref. 9630 in yellow gold.

The successor to the limited run ref. 9630 was the ref. 3580, which had a short production run and was actually made in fewer numbers, making it even more rare. The ref. 3580 can be found from production number 800 onwards up to No. 1200, and it was thought that 500 total were produced, with a small number in white gold and the majority in yellow gold.

The ref. 3580 and the 9630 are almost identical, with one difference being the case side engraving, which is sans serif in the 1st series with a very unique look. The bracelet also has minor differences in the depth of the links, and the clasp has 3 adjustment pin holes in the 2nd series and only 2 adjustment pin holes on the 1st series.

People used to believe that the 2nd series 3580 had a Cellini dial that Rolex updated in this model and carried on to the later third series. However, it has been confirmed that the reference 3580 was born with a MIDAS dial in all its full production run, and the 2nd series watches found with a Cellini dial have a service dial from the 4315 3rd series later replaced.

Early 3rd series watches with MIDAS dials have also been found in Mexico, which is uncommon and very rare. Each model of King Midas was carefully crafted by highly skilled goldsmiths, which makes each model slightly different in terms of weight and finish.

The sawtooth rope crown is located on the left side of the watch due to the mythology mentioned above. The crown is also designed to represent the sun over the Greek temple (asymmetric box viewed horizontally).


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