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Rolex Datejust Onyx Dial ref.1601 from 1976

Rolex Datejust Onyx Dial ref.1601 from 1976

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The Datejust stone dials are currently undervalued and often overlooked by collectors. It is unfortunate that some fail to appreciate the exquisite aesthetics that a Datejust stone dial offers, especially when compared to its Day-Date counterpart. In my professional opinion, the 4-digit Datejust stone dials represent the epitome of Rolex's stone dial reference models since they are the first iteration of the stone dial universe for Rolex.

These watches command a considerable premium over others, owing to their exceptional aesthetics. Even from a distance, one can discern the distinction between a plexiglass stone Datejust and a sapphire quickset model. Notably, the Datejust logo on the 1601 is comparatively smaller, showcasing a more vintage charm, while the 16018 employs a larger and more contemporary font style.

The attention to detail in these timepieces is remarkable, and their unique characteristics set them apart in the realm of luxury watches. The subtle nuances in design and typography further enhance the appeal of these models. For discerning collectors, the allure of owning a timepiece that not only exudes elegance but also reflects the historical evolution of Rolex is truly captivating.

Fortunately, the market for stone dial collectors is still relatively new, presenting a unique opportunity. As of now, you can acquire these precious 1601 models featuring onyx, lapis, and malachite dials for a similar price range as the 16018 or 18018 models. It is truly a remarkable chance to own a timepiece of such historical value.

Brand: Rolex
Model: Datejust
Reference: 1601
Year of Manufacture: 1976
Material: 18k Gold
Dimensions: 36mm
Crystal Material: Plexiglass
Movement Type: Cal.1570
Strap : Saffiano Green strap 20mm
Mechanical Functioning Warranty: 6 Months

Comments: Unpolished and absolutely mint case with natural patina, perfect and exquisite dial with no cracks or imperfections. The movement was verified to be in optimal mechanical conditions by our master watchmaker but remains untouched.

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